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ELETECH has a team of specialized engineers and technicians equipped with all the necessary equipment and spare parts for the maintenance of devices in different sizes and capacities. ELETECH provides, maintenance contracts for annually/monthly periodical visits or (24/7) emergency visits, this service was designed to ensure customer satisfaction and provide an integrated service with the highest specifications and standards.


  • Household

 Save up to 80% on energy costs with solar power

Installing solar panels in a home not only helps to reduce current monthly utility bills; it can potentially increase your home’s value by up to 4% more than comparable homes with no solar panels! Eletech Energy System has a flexible structure where you can start with a small solution that you gradually expand, depending on what best suits your needs and budget.


  • Corporate

 Solar solutions tailored for outstanding ROI

Are you looking for competitive and smart features that will eventually provide good returns on your investment? Then Eletech’s solar panels are for you! Our solar panels are the smart solution for businesses; simply because they provide an unlimited renewable source of reliable energy. Using our services for offices and businesses can itself be an income-generating activity; your business will be able to lock in electricity prices and reduce reliance on an unpredictable expense by lowering the operating expenses and thus getting the peace of mind against rising energy costs. SWITCH to solar power and become a green business today!


  • Utilities

 The effective way of providing safe renewable power to utilities.

Need solar panels for a large-scale installation? Or a turnkey solution to make that power plant a reality? We got your back!

Generate the optimal amount of power, creating value to vast pieces of land which would otherwise be unused and making power bills a lot less hefty; after all, sunlight has no cost.

Components of such projects can be built anywhere and have no moving parts. Our Solar panels of large scale projects is the most direct way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming. Besides producing renewable energy, such projects can feed surplus power into the electricity grid, thereby distributing clean energy.


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