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The Electric Technology Experts

 Electric Technology Experts (ELETECH) is an electrical energy provider, focused on delivering turnkey commercial and industrial photovoltaic projects and Eletech Group solutions to customers. ELETECH operates from the sales office, showroom and workshop with a skilled staff including mechanical, electrical, industrial, and civil engineers as well as world-class technicians. ELETECH has developed a deep understanding of the market needs since 2007 where we work closely with our customers to deliver “on-time,  on-budget & on-point” services.

  •  Vision

 Provide cutting-edge technology based on green energy with the highest international standards of products quality and outstanding technical support.

  •  Mission

 To lead the solar energy sector and provide our customers with state-of-the-art PV modules and systems at competitive prices and outstanding technical support and service.

 Our mission can be summed up in our quest to bring clean, green and sustainable energy solutions,  to help Jordan and the region reduce energy bills and carbon footprint. We believe our long term operation will definitely leave a positive socio-economic and environmental impact. The company cooperates with the world's leading companies in Solar PV/CPV, and Thermal technology to ensure we always provide cutting edge technologies that match international standards.


 World-class design

Commercially viable

Feasible and sustainable PV-projects

Why Solar Photovoltaic?

  • Renewable Energy 

It's a given, humanity will not run out of solar energy! Our planet is blessed with sunlight, which can be harnessed anywhere as a green source of electricity.

  • Cost at the minimal

Use of solar photovoltaic energy greatly reduces electricity expenses. Operating and maintaining costs for photovoltaic panels are low and they require minimal maintenance, compared to other renewable energy systems.

  • Friends with the environment

Solar power is considered one of the most efficient solutions to address the global warming problem since it is non-polluting, clean, reliable and a renewable source of energy.

  • Easy Installation

Solar panels are easy to install, can be installed on different types of ground and roofs, which means they do not require  much space.

  • Solves the remote locations access problems. 

Solar energy is a great solution for areas that face a problem in accessing power cables. It is a great advantage for remote locations where installing power lines would be hard or costly.

  • Long-Lasting & Worry-Free 

There are no moving parts in the solar panels, which makes them last long and require little maintenance after installing.

  • Property Value booster

Solar systems will increase a property's attractiveness on the market and works as a perfect solution for residential and commercial applications in urban areas.


Why Choose Eltech?

  • Automated Production Line

Using state-of-the-art automated world-class production lines enables us to supply one of the best photovoltaic modules and steel-mounted structures in the market.

  • Quality Products & Services

Eletech is committed to applying international-standard quality-control processes and to continuously improve its operations that includes advancing the efficiency and quality of our products, the delivery of the highest quality and value, and the best quality of raw materials that are tested and approved by international laboratories prior to use.

  • EPC Provider

We offer our customers turnkey working systems. From viability studies and obtaining the necessary administrative permits, to project designing, engineering, constructing, commissioning and monitoring, Eletech is your one-stop shop when it comes to solar energy solutions!

  • Superb Technical Support and Customer Service

We offer outstanding technical support and pre/after-sales service to our customers. We deliver high-standard quality pre- and after-sale services. Our continuous support to our clients is proof that our main priority is customer satisfaction.

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